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MRS Consulting Group is highly skilled and experienced with helping businesses grow to the next level. We have a developed understanding of what’s required for start-ups and established businesses alike with the competency to deliver. Our service enables you to outsource non-essential tasks and essential tasks that are highly technical with confidence. We offer hassle free deployment and provide you with daily, weekly, or monthly reports for keeping track of our work process.

Getting Started

Business Registration MRS Consulting Group will register for the required accounts tailored to your business needs. New Business registration, Master Business License for a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership and Trade Name registration for a corporation. CRA Business number (BN) and other account programs, GST/HST program account (RT), Corporation income tax program account (RC), Payroll deductions program account (RP), and Industry Specific accounts, Import-export program account (RM) , and Carbon Tax program account (CT). Registration is also required for additional regulated service accounts for business with employees include Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), WSIB Incentive Programs, Employer Health Tax (EHT) , and Service Canada (ROE).

Now that all your required business accounts are active you have regular filing obligations to be completed monthly, quarterly or annually for the accounts to remain active and be complying.

We have a great set of questions we use to assist in acquiring the knowledge and understanding of your business, with an introductory telephone call we can start the process of registration. After the registration process is over MRS Consulting Group can provide a monthly management and subscription plan tailored by you and around your business. Identify Your Business Requirements and we will provide high-quality services you are looking for. We offer virtual services and site visits, short to long term contracts, staff training, and staff assist. Get help when you have questions

Our Featured Service

Business Account Monitoring and Management Utilize our monthly service program to handle account requirements including updating account profile information, adding and deleting user profiles, adding and deleting inventory profiles, and receive renewal alerts 30 days prior to renewal. Simple notification of an address change can become time consuming using MRS Consulting Group for this service eliminates additional workload for you or your staff.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Monitoring of accounts is equally as important as strategizing for success. Without proper and constant monitoring, it does not matter how many policies and procedures are in place, all the time and money spent to develop safety and compliance plans just becomes a smoke screen of good intention. As part of our monthly service plan we monitor your business accounts for any deficiencies and or controls that are missing. Our goal is to eliminate the need to convince authorities you deserve good ratings, we want your company to be ready and able to prove it.

Risk Management Risk is a characteristic of business activity. Risk management is harmonizing between the potential negative impact for individuals, assets, and the environment with the allowance of tolerability risk due influencing factors the goal with risk management is risk reduction. Although risk factors change due to company size and industries the intention remains the same. Our goal is to promote efficient handling and cost-effective ways to support reduction of company risk and heighten your effort as a "low risk” company operating under a "good risk" business model.

Audit Solutions and Representation If your company is chosen for an audit the allowable prep time could be as little as 48 hours, depending on the Government agency and the type of audit. We use systematic strategies to ensure books of accounts and documentation are properly maintained and fulfill obligations in accordance with the laws. Our pre-audit preparation goal is to lower your risk of an audit by avoiding unwanted attention, having the right combination of policy, procedures, training and follow through. Yes, there are a few reasons your company may be called for an audit we work to make "Random Selection" the only reason.

Administrative Duties

Cost Reduction Solution MRS Consulting Group is available to help with general day to day administrative task to assist your team, coordinate and complete projects, and social media marketing efforts. Don’t fall behind, make this part of your monthly service plan and be covered when the unexpected happens.

MRS Consulting Group information services helps keep your company current, customers updated and employees aware of company systems. We monitor, gather and distribute regulatory changes and alerts, industry specific updates, current events and other information in a variety of formats to assist with preparation of report creations, illustrate concepts, strategy, information newsletters, training materials, and Power Point Presentations used to keep the focus of your audience.

Creation and management of computerized files Computerized files quickly become part of the backbone for the entire company, they are widely used for communications, illustration, budgeting and so much more. MRS Consulting Group has a library of file management documents to use as a starting point for developing documents suited to your company requirements using Microsoft Office Excel, Access, Word and Outlook and Power Point.

Data Management Data management is making sure the data is accurate, useable, and retrievable. The benefit to online service accounts is the ability to captured data in CSV format to be utilized with the proper programs. MRS Consulting Group has established procedures in organized file platforms using, Microsoft Office programs including Excel, Access, Word or Outlook for quick reference and utilization that can be shared by every department in your office with online platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs.

File Storage and Organization Tasks MRS Consulting Group can help you systematize and put processes in place to help your business with organization, being organized is being productive. If your office is being taken over by file document boxes find out more about our Indexing, Scanning, and Cataloging services. We have as a special project team to transform your hardcopy documents into digitalize format for easy reference and storage.

Organizational Binders MRS Consulting Group can help your office environment runs smoothly with our strategy and procedure binder(s), tailored to your business. The binders establish clear policies and procedures creating efficiency in the organization of office setting and are excellent for quick reference and utilization. An organized office reduces miscommunications and helps to eliminate common errors. Organizational binders work for every department, stay on track with consistency.

One-time Projects

Increased Productivity Solutions Marketing materials, event planning, job fairs, employee retention events, company manuals, policy and procedure manuals, training and development plans. Let us help you take the time-consuming work out of your hands.

Event Planning We will handle Meeting Preparations include budgeting, acquiring necessary permits, booking conference or meeting rooms, coordinating transportation and parking, making catering arrangements, arranging for speakers or entertainers, ordering and setting up audio-visual equipment, arranging decor, preparing agendas, event security, coordinating with third party vendors, and emergency plans.

Referral Service, ask about our referral service and cross-promotion by marketing with other businesses, looking for the right service provider for your business requirements but don’t know where to start, MRS Consulting Group can provide you with multiple choices detailing service features, cost, and credit terms for your review and selection. Once you find the right fit and we will complete the account setup including credit applications.

Employee Handbook MRS Consulting Group will handle the creation of a company specific employment and job-related information that your employees need to know. We incorporate documents that help to ensure a productive, efficient workplace, and help limit company liability. We include an acknowledgment statement, to be signed and returned to the employer, stating that an employee has received, read, and understood the information contained in the manual.

Social Media, Website Reviews and Communication Strategy Creating and controlling your image on the internet is a necessity for every business. We want to highlight the great attributes of your company. We want that image to attract the right employees and the right customers who compliment your business. We provide a comprehensive review of your current social medial and web campaigns, develop digital marketing materials, build your online presence, monitor and respond to social media accounts.

Improve Work Quality

Human Resources MRS Consulting Group can provide you with a HR department that represents the full scope of the HR process. Our service can bring balance to the working environment that facilitates higher morale and increase employee retention.

Due Diligence and Meaningful action Progressive discipline policy and procedures do not ensure due diligence obligations are being met. Knowing of negative behaviour without the appropriate corrective action or a discriminatory deployment of corrective measures may render your progressive discipline policy as an unacceptable tool of compliance. MRS Consulting Group will help to develop realistic concepts for progressive discipline, monitor and reinforce progressive discipline expectations that prove policies are taken seriously.

Bookkeeping Services MRS Consulting Group offers Full-Service Bookkeeping or personalized mentoring, training, monitoring and consulting services to help with the day to day business activities covered by your financial department and office staff. Go to Bookkeeping

Supplemental Financial Service MRS Consulting Group looks after paperwork requirements to obtain or extend credit for your company using company standards. We have a short form credit application designed to collect information required to run credit reports and verify payment behavior from supplier references. When looking to extend credit we confirm customer acceptance of the terms and agreements with a signature and date of acceptance. We supply a complete credit finding report for your files that will assist your credit department with setting credit limits. For your established credit accounts, we preform regular routine maintenance and new credit reports for dormant customers to keep your files up to date. (Credit bureau checks available at an extra cost)

Account Alerts and collection as an extension of your receivable department, we apply pre-collection strategies for positive results in a timely and efficient manner by working with overdue accounts. We provide the extra attention for over-due accounts until the account is settled or deemed uncollectable and file notice with finance monitoring services.

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As a business support group, we are a gateway to talent solutions and comprehensive operational support. A resource that will assist you with eliminating the struggle and bring balance and flexibility to your business as your business demands grow. MRS Consulting Group can provide a monthly management and subscription plan tailered by you and on your company needs, we offer virtual or site visits.

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