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Increased Productivity Solutions

Outsource and Re-align your resources to core functions
of your business

One-time Projects

Increased Productivity Solutions Marketing materials, event planning, job fairs, employee retention events, company manuals, policy and procedure manuals, training and development plans. Let us help you take the time-consuming work out of your hands.

Event Planning We will handle Meeting Preparations include budgeting, acquiring necessary permits, booking conference or meeting rooms, coordinating transportation and parking, making catering arrangements, arranging for speakers or entertainers, ordering and setting up audio-visual equipment, arranging decor, preparing agendas, event security, coordinating with third party vendors, and emergency plans.

Social Media, Website Reviews and Communication Strategy Creating and controlling your image on the internet is a necessity for every business. We want to highlight the great attributes of your company. We want that image to attract the right employees and the right customers who compliment your business. We provide a comprehensive review of your current social medial and web campaigns, develop digital marketing materials, build your online presence, monitor and respond to social media accounts.

Employee Handbook MRS Consulting Group will handle the creation of a company specific employment and job-related information that your employees need to know. We incorporate documents that help to ensure a productive, efficient workplace, and help limit company liability. We include an acknowledgment statement, to be signed and returned to the employer, stating that an employee has received, read, and understood the information contained in the manual.

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