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Carrier Support

With over 35 years of combined transportation experience we can support your team by reducing work overload of heavy compliance requirements. Based on your selection of our ongoing services and size of operation, we develop a monthly flat rate service plans you can rely on for keeping you up to date with laws and information required to provide effective safety and compliance for your place of business. To assist with regulatory programs, we offer support and development of practical policies and procedures tailored to your company standards. MRS Consulting Group HR resources for carriers work to support your company compliance efforts and help to avoid compliance failures related to human assets while our PM and equipment monitoring services support your equipment asset. We issue alerts 30 days in advance of the next service or review interval keeping your business on track, your workplace safe and drive those resource back into your bottom line.

Our Featured Service

Compliance Health-checks, We offer a full compliance health-check, this is a half day site visit focused on the review of regulated files and documentation. We compare your files with the appropriate regulation checklist and identify any compliance gaps where relevant. With the data collected we generate a report of our findings for your review identifying adequate practices and or make recommendations on how to enhance your compliance efforts. Having an independent review of your regulated files ensure the effectiveness of your existing procedures and compliance monitoring program.

Compliance Monitoring Program, Our monitoring services can support and enhance your compliance program. Monitoring is an essential and effective processes making sure your company remains up-to-date and in accordance with regulatory regulations, licensing and safety requirements. Depending your business activity this includes monitoring your fleets safety records, WSIB compliance, maintenance records, drivers’ qualifications files, tickets, investigating accident and incidents, training development and more.

Best practices using “due diligence” scrutiny , Due diligence requirements are identifying all workplace hazards, development and implementation of necessary preventive measures with communication and training of all necessary personnel within the company. The steps of "due diligence" start with knowledge of your legal obligations under the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. MRS Consulting Group is committed to staying up to date with laws and information required to provide effective monitoring of your compliance and workplace safety.

Getting Started

Start-Up Assistance, we have what you need to get started running. We provide fully compliant safety and human resource policies and procedures, including compliance packages that continually support your business. Our services include payroll and government remittance, accounting, start-up and operating costs, running authorities, plating and licensing, and account set up. Safety and Compliance set-up and training for any Audits, M.T.O, D.O.T, IFTA and IRP, New registrant Audits, CSA, PIP, and FAST Audits or Approvals. WSIB, preparation, reporting and auditing.

Operating Authorities
MRS Consulting Group We will registering for your Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR), operating authorities in Ontario
We will complete and submit CVOR application for new registrants

Other Services include CVOR Abstract Review and reconciliation -CVOR Abstract (Level II), Report errors found on CVOR records, CVOR Updates and CVOR Renewal annually or make application to Re-Instate CVOR certificate – invalid for 12 months or more. Annual renewal depends on safety rating, Satisfactory-unaudited or conditional: renew each year or Satisfactory or excellent: renew every two years, the renewal application must be sent to the ministry 15 days before the expiry date.

In the United States of America file applications as required by Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMSCA) ICC MC number is the Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number aka MC number, The USDOT is a number used to identify companies operating commercial vehicles, register with BOC-3 A Filing Blanket Agent Service, and The Unified Registration System (URS).

Application include Federal MC Authority, Federal US DOT Number, Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), and Employer Identification Number (EIN) for new applicants. We continue support for USA operating authorities with MCS-150 Update filings

After the application is submitted the second part of obtaining a CVOR is the knowledge test. Persons qualified to complete the test are an owner, sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer or a director of the corporation. The FMCSA will preform a desk audit "New Entrant Safety Assurance" this is similar knowledge test requirements in Ontario, but a practical application and requires documentation proving proof of applied knowledge of regulations.

Program Registration and Support
Permitting includes the registration for International programs tied to the trucking industry. Each program requires monitoring, reporting, and renewals to be completed. MRS Consulting Group offers an Odometer Management Program to validate accuracy and on time filing for International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Upon request we will provide IRP Plate Estimates, Registration with Fleet Smart Fuel Saving and File for Carbon Tax Rebate.

Single Jurisdiction Management
Jurisdictions with additional tax levies require inventory control and quarterly reporting, while other jurisdictions may require the purchase of an annual operating permit. If operating within multiple jurisdiction there are some additional rules of operation and tax assessments, you will need to be in compliance and meet the jurisdiction requirements. MRS Consulting Group will complete processing requirements for new registration, quarterly reporting, inventory controls, and annual renewals.
States with additional registration requirements include, New York State Department - OSCAR - Heavy User Tax (HUT), Commonwealth of Kentucky Kentucky Weight Distance Tax – KYU, New Mexico - Weight and Distance Permit, and Oregon -Weight and Distance Permit

International Travel Between Canada and United States of America
Additional accounts required within the trucking industry include programs supported by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Canada issues carriers a unique identifier call "Carrier Code" and the USA has two programs, Standard Carrier Alpha Code - SCAC Code and a homeland security program, DTOPS - Decal and Transponder (User Fee) both need monitoring, updates, and renewal to remain compliant.

MRS Consulting Group can assist with registration of the following service accounts, and provide monitoring with auditing of related documentation for recorded accuracy, verifying account charges, and compliance auditing with supporting documents.

Trade program Certification
MRS Consulting Group can assist with maintaining your Trade program Certification. Let us keep up with documentation, monitoring and reporting requirements for Free and Secure Trade program for Carrier and your Drivers, PIP/C-TPAT, and registering with SmartWay Transport Partnership. Trade Program Management includes C-TPAT Driver Training and Monitoring, Supply Chain Partner Security Questionnaire, Annual Review Internal Audit Checklist, FORD Fast System Maintenance and GM Fast System Maintenance.

Safety Measurement System (CSA/SMS)
MRS Consulting Group offers data monitoring and management of roadside inspections, citations, and accident reports. We run reports to review, register, reconcile and analyse to identity areas negatively impacting your scores. We issue reports of safety summary updates and provide recommendations when required. Target safety and compliance with focus Newsletters.

We offer Risk Reduction and Violation Management thourgh Training Programs for Safety and Compliance. Safety ratings revolve around vehicle/driver inspections, crashes, and out-of-service orders. If your safety rating is reaching the threshold for ministry or FMSCA intervention, we can help get you back on track. We will identify and work to eliminate the cause and correct repeated deficiencies with training, monitoring, and planned scheduled maintenance.

Safety Ratings and Insurance
Are you ready to have your company assessed by the underwriter’s representative or consultant? Your company may have a good safety history, but sill be considered a "bad risk" making your company vulnerable to high insurance premiums or worse labelled as uninsurable. Underwriters consider statistics and probabilities based on performance, management operations and knowledge. MRS Consulting Group will take a look at your company through the eyes of an insurance underwriter and identify any safety "gaps" in your business operation.

Transportation Safety Talks and Training Policies and procedures | Workplace Safety / EHS | Seatbelt Usage Policy |Slips, Trips and Falls |Sexual Harassment |Driver Violation Disciplinary Policy | Unauthorized Passenger Policy |Driver Performance Management |Cargo Securement | Axel Weight Adjustment |Cargo Securement |Border Crossing Canada-US |Drug and Alcohol Substance abuse policy |Driver agreements |Pre‐and‐post trip inspection policies |Accident reporting |Violation Reporting |Route and off-route policies| Paperwork Requirements| Hours of Service - ELD Basics/ Log Book Training | Acid testing – Accuracy Validation

Equipment and Maintenance File with PM Alerts
We have created an equipment check-in report title page to ensure equipment being added to your fleet meets company and regulatory requirements. Continued support includes tracking usage and monitoring for pre-determined Preventive Maintenance schedule, if you have questions about your PM policy, we can provide a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Policy to match your fleet standard or using OEM suggested service. We provide up to 30-days prior notice of upcoming scheduled service requirements by monitoring and matching current odometer readings or elapsed days from date of previous service. We can provide notification of upcoming suggested maintenance aligned with your company standards or the OEM suggested service and part replacement schedule. We track and categorize general maintenance, tire replacement, annual inspection, and roadside service events.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Be Roadside Ready
Preparation for Roadside Inspections include, pre-trip inspections, Know where your documents are make sure all documents are on hand, filed correctly and up-to-date., Drivers check your documentation (logs, medical card, driver’s license, etc.), Check your vehicle weight, Keep the vehicles clean, wear your seatbelt, drive courteously and obey the speed limit.

Every time you drive through an inspection point the cameras are rolling and collecting data to be used during a facility audit. Even if you just pass though, the company name, truck number, and trailer number have been recorded and will be used to make selections of inspected vehicles. When you are selected for an inspection, regardless of the level, your name is now on file with a time stamped.

Driver File Maintenance with Renewal Alerts
New Hire Qualification and Training Program, MRS Consulting Group will conduct driver qualification review and pre-employment screening requirements following our onboarding checklist of international driver. We will book Driver Road Testing (third party to road test) and pre-employment testing as required by FMCA, conduct previous employment verification, obtain and review PSP reports and Driver Abstract, administer and review knowledge testing and ensure each driver’s file contain at least all of the required information.

ELD Monitoring, Management, and HOS Training
Our training includes Cycle Regulations, Cycle reset/switching, Daily Requirements, Off-duty time, Sleeper - time spent in a sleeper berth, Driving -On-duty time spent driving, Provisions for Adverse driving conditions, Deferred Time Provision, "Personal Use" of a commercial motor vehicle,30-minute break every 8 hours of driving, possession of logs and supporting documents, Radius Exemption – 160 Kilometres, we reinforce the fact HOS and retention regulations have not changed. Training of driver responsibility and requirements when using ELD devices with trailered training dependent on your ELD service provider device functions.

HOS Auditing
Drivers HOS records still need auditing for common mistakes. We flag repeat offenders for refresher training or user tips for common mistakes and provide acid testing of driver’s daily HOS log with supporting documents. Auditing and tracking ELD generated documents for Missing DVIR, Missing Logs, Falsification, and Speeding and other violations have an adverse impact on safety scores and accident liability.

Audit Solutions and Representation
If your company is chosen for an audit the allowable prep time could be as little as 48 hours, depending on the Government agency and the type of audit. We uses systematic strategies to ensure books of accounts and documentation are properly maintained and fulfill obligations in accordance with the laws. Our pre-audit preparation goal is to lower your risk of an audit by avoiding unwanted attention, having the right combination of policy, procedures, training and follow through. Yes, there are a few reasons your company may be called for an audit we work to make "Random Selection" the only reason.

Jurisdictional Reporting most ELD Service Providers not only provide Electronic Logs for driver, they have the ability to assist with IFTA reporting and vehicle diagnostics and in return reduce carrier cost when auditing for compliance. MRS Consulting Group will update your ELD service account with company data for driver, power units, and towed equipment and extract data report to be use in other application such as IFTA mileage reporting and PM scheduling. Contact us to find out more about our IFTA/IRP and Juridical Quarterly Reporting for your company.

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