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Our Featured Service

Compliance Health-checks, We offer a full compliance health-check, this is a half day site visit focused on the review of regulated files and documentation. We compare your files with the appropriate regulation checklist and identify any compliance gaps where relevant. With the data collected we generate a report of our findings for your review identifying adequate practices and or make recommendations on how to enhance your compliance efforts. Having an independent review of your regulated files ensure the effectiveness of your existing procedures and compliance monitoring program

Compliance Monitoring Program, Our monitoring services can support and enhance your compliance program. Monitoring is an essential and effective processes making sure your company remains up-to-date and in accordance with regulatory regulations, licensing and safety requirements. Depending your business activity this includes monitoring your fleets safety records, WSIB compliance, maintenance records, drivers’ qualifications files, tickets, investigating accident and incidents, training development and more.

Safety Measurement System (CSA/SMS)
MRS Consulting Group offers data monitoring and management of roadside inspections, citations, and accident reports. We run reports to review, register, reconcile and analyse to identity areas negatively impacting your scores. We issue reports of safety summary updates and provide recommendations when required. Target safety and compliance with focus Newsletters.

We offer Risk Reduction and Violation Management though Training Programs for Safety and Compliance. Safety ratings revolve around vehicle/driver inspections, crashes, and out-of-service orders. If your safety rating is reaching the threshold for ministry or FMSCA intervention, we can help get you back on track. We will identify and work to eliminate the cause and correct repeated deficiencies with training, monitoring, and planned scheduled maintenance.

Safety Ratings and Insurance
Are you ready to have your company assessed by the underwriter’s representative or consultant? Your company may have a good safety history, but sill be considered a "bad risk" making your company vulnerable to high insurance premiums or worse labelled as uninsurable. Underwriters consider statistics and probabilities based on performance, management operations and knowledge. MRS Consulting Group will take a look at your company through the eyes of an insurance underwriter and identify any safety "gaps" in your business operation.